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Honorary Members of the EUSFLAT Society

According to Article 22 of its bylaws, the society can award honorary members who, due to their prestige or by having significantly contributed towards dignifying and developing the Association, become worthy of such a distinction. Honorary members must be proposed by the board and approved by the general assembly.

Honorary Member 2009

Francesc Esteva, Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial, Bellaterra, Spain


Honorary Member 2011

Enric Trillas, European Center for Soft Computing, Mieres, Spain.

A prominent scientist and scholar, a person of extraordinary academic, personal and organizational qualities, who has discovered the huge potential of fuzzy logic since its early days, and who has since then been both contributing to its development through impressive and influential publications, initiating and supporting research in foundations and applications of fuzzy logic in Spain and elsewhere, and founding first ESTYLF, transformed into EUSFLAT, as the most relevant academic and professional organization on fuzzy logic in Europe.


Honorary Member 2012

BodenhoferUlrich Bodenhofer, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.

Dr. Bodenhofer acted as president of EUSFLAT for two consecutive terms, from September 7, 2005 to September 13, 2007, and from September 13, 2007 to July 21, 2009. Being associated with the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz as well as the Software Competence Center Hagenberg at the time of his presidency, at the interplay between academia and industry, Dr. Bodenhofer brought a spirit of professionalism to the society, most visible to the outside world through a high-quality website. Moreover, priority was given to attracting new members by clearly communicating the benefits EUSFLAT has to offer. Last but not least, his gentle attitude marked the beginning of a period of intensifying collaboration with other societies.


Honorary Member 2013

PerfilievaIrina Perfilieva, University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Irina Perfilieva acted as the Secretary of EUSFLAT for two consecutive terms, from September 7, 2005 to September 13, 2007, and from September 13, 2007 to July 21, 2009. Furthermore, she was a member of the Board already between September 6, 2001 and September 7, 2005. Being associated with IRAFM of the University of Ostrava, Prof. Perfilieva contributed to the society by the organization of numerous special sessions at EUSFLAT conferences, at endorsed events and at further conferences outside the list the EUSFLAT events in order to increase the visibility of the Society. She continued in the strong promotion of EUSFLAT activities and membership even after the end of her presence in the Board, as witnessed by her membership in two EUSFLAT Working Groups; she is actually acting as one of the four coordinators of the WG on Soft Computing in Image Processing. Moreover, she had and has a significant influence on the large number of EUSFLAT members from the Czech Republic. Last but not least, Irina constantly promotes the society by her prominent scientific contributions.


Honorary Member 2017

KacprzykJanusz Kacprzyk, Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland.

Janusz Kacprzyk has been associated with the EUSFLAT since its founding, serving in various positions in the Board and its various bodies. A prominent scientist active in fuzzy logic since the mid-1970, and recipient of the most prestigious awards and honors in the field, notably the 2006 IEEE CIS Pioneer Award in Fuzzy Systems for pioneering works on multistage fuzzy decision and control, 2006 Sixth Kaufmann Prize and Gold Medal for pioneering works on soft computing in economics and management, 2007 Pioneer Award of the IEEE Silicon Valley Section for contribution in granular computing and computing in words, IFSA 2013 Award for lifetime achievements in fuzzy systems and service to the fuzzy community, etc. He is one of the 15 first Fellows of IFSA, Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of EurAI (formerly ECCAI), a member of many academies, notably the Polish and Bulgarian Academies of Sciences, Royal Spanish Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences (RACEF), Academia Europaea and European Academy of Sciences and Arts.