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Become a EUSFLAT Member

This page is intended for persons who are joining EUSFLAT for the very first time. If you have been a EUSFLAT member before, continue here.

EUSFLAT offers two types of membership for 2019:

  1. Regular membership: € 40 per year
  2. Student membership: € 20 per year

EUSFLAT membership includes exemption from article processing fee (currently € 850) in the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (IJCIS), 15% reduction on article processing fees in the MDPI journals Axioms and Algorithms, as well as some discounts in selected conferences. See EUSFLAT Membership Benefits for more details about all benefits you are eligible to as a member of EUSFLAT.

As an important novelty, EUSFLAT now supports institutional invoicing. This does not mean an institutional membership since EUSFLAT, according to its Bylaws, recognizes only a personal membership. But we do allow you to organize a group of interested researchers from your institution and to announce to our treasurer your intention to become members. Based on your request we will release you an invoice for the membership of you and your colleagues that may be paid by your University. The invoice may but does not have to explicitly name the individual members. Institutional invoicing makes it easier to provide membership for students by universities, as students are often changing but particular universities may still be willing to pay a given number of student and non-student memberships. Changes of the individual members may be then done easily inside the membership zone.  

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For further inquiries, please contact the EUSFLAT Membership Manager.