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EUSFLAT Conference Proceedings



Advances in Fuzzy Logic and Technology. Proceedings of the 10th EUSFLAT Conference, Warsaw, Poland, September 11-15, 2017.
Edited by J. Kacprzyk, E. Szmidt, S. Zadrożny, K. T. Atanassov, and M. Krawczak.


Volume. I: ISBN 978-3-319-66829-1, 712 pages.
Volume. II: ISBN 978-3-319-66823-9, 628 pages.
Volume. III: ISBN 978-3-319-66826-0, 602 pages.



Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT 2015), Gijón, Spain, June 30-July 3, 2015.
Edited by J. M. Alonso, H. Bustince, and M. Reformat
ISBN 978-94-62520-77-6.




Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT 2013), Milano, Italy, September 11-13, 2013.
Edited by G. Pasi, J. Montero, and D. Ciucci
ISBN 978-90786-77-78-9.




Proceedings of the 7th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT 2011) and «les rencontres francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses ApplicationsŁ» (LFA 2011), Aix-les-Bains, France, July 18-22, 2011.
Edited by S. Galichet, J. Montero, and G. Mauris
ISBN 978-90-78677-00-0. 1097 pages.



Proceedings of the Joint 2009 International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress and 2009 European Society of Fuzzy Logic and Technology Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, July 20-24, 2009.
Edited by J. P. Carvalho, D. Dubois, U. Kaymak, and J. M. C. Sousa
ISBN 978-989-95079-6-8. 1930 pages.



New Dimensions in Fuzzy Logic and Related Technologies. Proceedings of the 5th EUSFLAT Conference, Ostrava, Czech Republic, September 11-14, 2007.
Edited by M. Štěpnička, V. Novák, and U. Bodenhofer.
Universitas Ostraviensis, 2007.

Vol. I: ISBN 978-80-7368-386-3, 480 pages.
Vol. II: ISBN 978-80-7368-387-0, 488 pages.



Proceedings of the Joint 4th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology and the 11th Rencontres Francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications, Barcelona, Spain, September 7-9, 2005.
Edited by E. Montseny and P. Sobrevilla.
ISBN 84-7653-872-3. 1136 pages.



Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, Zittau, Germany, September 10-12, 2003.
Edited by M. Wagenknecht and R. Hampel.
ISBN 3-9808089-4. 804 pages.



Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference in Fuzzy Logic and Technology, Leicester, United Kingdom, September 5-7, 2001.
Edited by J. M. Garibaldi and R. I. John.
507 pages.



Proceedings of the 1999 EUSFLAT-ESTYLF Joint Conference, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, September 22-25, 1999.
Edited by G. Mayor and J. Suñer.
518 pages.


All proceedings volumes listed here are indexed in the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography. BibTeX entries of all papers published in EUSFLAT proceedings are also available from this database.

The proceedings of EUSFLAT 2007 and IFSA-EUSFLAT 2009 are also included in the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index and therefore visible in the ISI Web of Science®.